To Ebola, or not to Ebola…

Well, I guess I need to jump on the Ebola bandwagon. I mean, seriously, Fort Kent was on Anderson Cooper- I have to make some sort of commentary on it, right? First and foremost, Nurse Kaci Hickox, is without a doubt, a fearless hero who deserves respect. She should not be belittled in any way, […]

Oh dear, it’s election time

So, I got the idea to share my generalizations, much like Holden does in Catcher in the Rye. Now many people may view Saligner’s novel as a spewing of plain speak from an adolescent who is losing his mind, but I’ve been inspired. Holden really gets to the root of what’s going on in the […]

To my son: Advice from your mom

Hey little man- you are totally unaware of this right now, being my little 3 month old bundle of blue, but there’s a huge world out there. It’s big and scary and it will treat you bad at times. It will chew you up and spit you out. As your mom, I totally don’t want […]

The Real Heroes

You know, our priorities in this country seem to be totally deranged (I had to thesaurus the word I really wanted to use, here). I’m not the first to point out this deficiency, either, but in light of recent circumstances, I have no choice but to write about it. This blog will not be full of […]

Baby number 3

I have to say that being pregnant for the third time, I realize that this whole thing is old! It really is. There has not been one moment that I’ve been like, “Oh, third time pregnancy is a charm!” or “This is awesome!” Instead, I’m thinking, “Please, God, don’t let me go to term! Please, […]

Balancing Act

Do you know how hard it is to stand on one leg, Cat in the Hat style, holding up your entire world with one hand? Have you ever tried to do so while cooking supper, washing dishes, working on your computer? I’m sure we can all say that we have had these moments where we […]

My brain on pregnancy

It’s time I admit this- I am cracking. I am totally losing my mind and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m sure if I were to seek medical attention, they would call me crazy and lock me up. So, instead, when I visit my doctor and she asks, “Is everything going okay?” […]

Coca Cola & Cheerios- I am not ashamed!

I know I’m like 3 weeks late here, but that’s beside the point… After the big Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial debacle, which has been considered Un-American, I decided to do some research. Google is a great place to search information, which is an awesome start if you want to make an argument, no one […]