The health paradox for our daughters

Being a parent is hard. But parenting young girls today seems like it is nearly impossible because of the pressures put on us (parents) and our poor baby girls. When I was a preteen, which was a long time ago, I remember criticizing myself, hoping for breasts early, and thinking I was “fat”. But never, […]

Why am I a teacher again?

Week 3 of back to school is currently underway. Fellow teachers understand my plight as I spent my summer preparing for the first week of school. I literally spent 2 months preparing for day one. That’s a lot of time spent preparing. But that’s what we do: We prepare, execute, follow up, grade, revisit, then […]

A letter to myself (or you) postworkout

You know the morning (or afternoon, or evening) you are sitting there thinking: I really should work out. But there’s always tomorrow. I’m tired, sleep is more important than working out. I have a cramp because of my late night clam dip binge. I ate too much fiber yesterday. I won’t be able to run […]

My Glutenous Gluten-less Life

(See what I did there ^^?) About two months ago, I came upon a startling revelation: I should not be eating gluten. Now, I went through the five phases of mourning very slowly and painfully (and repeated a few stages). It led me to where I am currently. Full and happy. The first phase: Denial […]

Another graduating class

Dear Class of 2015, You guys are my future. You will hopefully walk around this earth changing everything in your path. You will hopefully see the fallacies in the world that my generation has given you and fix them. You will hopefully solve many of the problems that break my heart like child hunger, poverty, […]

I will always be fat

No, I’m not looking for attention or for my friends to say, “You’re not fat, Claire.” I’m not even looking for advice or the secret to weight loss because I know what it is. It’s about working really, really hard and thinking consciously about your decisions. Wait. This blog isn’t even about weight loss. Now […]

Don’t tell my husband…

The hardest thing for a wife to do at times, other than planning every single detail of every single day, is to admit that her husband was right. Well, I’m here to admit: My husband was right. Long before his birthday, he told me that the 4th Mad Max movie (which I had never even […]


Let’s play a little game. I want you to read the following excerpt and think in your head the emotions that rise up in you. Baltimore: Looting, angry teens, angrier moms, burning, violence, racist cops, incompetent mayor, riots, curfew, angry protesters, fire, ruble, ashes, tear gas, rocks… How about now? Baltimore: Peace, helping hands, concerned […]