Coca Cola & Cheerios- I am not ashamed!

I know I’m like 3 weeks late here, but that’s beside the point… After the big Coca Cola Super Bowl Commercial debacle, which has been considered Un-American, I decided to do some research.

Google is a great place to search information, which is an awesome start if you want to make an argument, no one likes to read an uneducated claim. For example, I searched “History of Language in America” and found some interesting info. Did you know that our very own John Adams requested in 1780 that we force a national language on our new nation- but our Founding Fathers were reluctant to call it English as we just lost a war to those people?

I read that in the early 20th century, some of our states actually banned the teaching of foreign languages. Intriguing, since you need at least 2 years of it to get into a university today… Anyway! Luckily for us, the 60’s hit. After that, our nation started thinking globally and started offering services to students who were limited on English, since that’s the basis of our education system.

I also found out that English isn’t our “official language” because we don’t have one, rather individual states do. Many states are cool enough to be bilingual, including ours. But if we did have a national language, it does not ban the speaking of other languages, nor does it stop us from celebrating diversity. The people who founded this country (not just English speakers) were all from different backgrounds and the second we let go of that, the second we lose what it means to ‘be American’. We’ve also fought wars and lost lives for this very point.

The day after the Super Bowl, I stumbled upon many (and I mean many) people claiming that this commercial was “Un-American” and such, with some very vulgar terms. I also saw some misspellings and pure mess-ups with grammar. I know I should assume that these people are uneducated and should not be given the time of day, but, I just have to share. I was going to include the actual images of the tweets, but I’ve decided to be more tasteful.

1) “*$&# outa here you communist liquid”

What does that even mean?

2) “How the *&$# r u gunna have foreigners sing the our national anthem…”

When did we change our national anthem? Oh, yeah, and learn how to spell. Finally, I don’t get your joke.

3) “That commercial PISSED me off. We speak English in this country.”

Who’s we?

4) “Whats with the Superbowl commercial? Do you all support Terrorists or what, bad choice in taste. I love America personally.”

So, anyone who’s not white is a terrorist? Many others claimed to boycott Coke because they don’t want to support terrorists. Others said they were ashamed of both Coke and Cheerios (don’t even get me started on THAT commercial).

Luckily some people tweeted telling all of the above people to find a time machine and go back to the 60’s.

If I had twitter, my tweet would say: Stop being a moron.

I speak English, my family speaks Franglish (yes, I said Franglish) and my ancestors probably spoke ‘real’ French. How does that make me any different than a guy who comes from Irish ancestry or German ancestry or from Mexico? Seriously people, realize where you live before you start going all patriotic on us and claiming diversity is “Un-American”. I think our ancestors would agree that being American is not about speaking English, it’s about living in America and getting access to opportunities not offered elsewhere. Bravo to Coke- if it didn’t make me fat, I’d drink up!

Claire Pelletier

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