My New Years Revolution…

Yes, I said revolution and not resolution.

Basically, it all started yesterday when I was about to inform my trusty readers of my New Years Resolutions. In the true nature of who I am, I got distracted. To help you see what I was going to put myself up against, here is the beginning of yesterday’s blog:

I’m sitting here, on the couch, at 3:45 in the afternoon, in my grandma PJ’s and bathrobe that my daughter and husband got me for Christmas, and I’m thinking: Why in my right mind would I want to shower and get ready to go out tonight? I mean, in all seriousness, what could be better than greasy hair, chips and clam dip, gingerale (my sub for alcohol), and keeping my 6 year old up until midnight?? Okay, I probably won’t do that because I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep myself up until midnight, but in all seriousness, this is who I’ve become.

I’m not complaining about it, by any means, but who I am and who I was even 5 years ago are two totally different people, and I’m okay with that. I’m also not here to judge people who are going out to enjoy America’s Hangover Holiday. After all, why else would January 1 be a national holiday??

Not only is New Years Day a time for me to gloat that I’m not hungover, it is also a time for me to reevaluate what has and has not worked in the previous year… It’s time for me to ‘turn over a new leaf’- no matter how short lived my new leaf is. Many people criticize this tradition saying that we shouldn’t wait until a new year to start a good habit. But I say, why not? Why not choose a symbolic day to start something for the better? Why not follow suit and choose December 31st to binge drink (gingerale) and overeat eat only to starve ourselves the following day? It’s as American as apple pie.

So, what’s better than making some crazy, impossible to follow New Years’ resolutions? Publishing them so everyone can call me out when I fail to follow through with some all of these.

1) I know that I will always procrastinate, but I will attempt to stop this by starting stuff the minute I think about it.

2) In accordance with number 1- I will complete every project I start. In order to this, I will have to tame my ADHD somehow, so if I start a task, I will do my best to finish it before I move on. 

3) I will create a cleaning schedule so I don’t get so far behind and have to power clean for three full days (like I have during my vacation). I will start this tomorrow (check with number 1).

Okay, so here I am, a day later, with an unfinished resolution list, totally exemplifying my need to work on numbers 1-3. And I’m not even sure I remember what my others were, but I’m going to do my best to recreate what will make me a better person from the inside out. I think the reason that my resolutions (and many others’ resolutions) fail is because that we often choose things that are out of our character. We can’t necessarily change our entire being in one day- it’s preposterous. I lived today exactly how I lived the day before, in my PJ’s watching daytime TV, kids’ movies, and eating the yummy food that I cooked. Now, what’s so bad about that? I didn’t put away laundry, didn’t finish paperwork for my job, and definitely didn’t organize the cupboards like I planned. (Luckily, my husband did that, so I could still scratch it off my list…)

Anyway- back to my revolution. I’ve decided to publicize some ideas that won’t change the person I am, because I’ve been this way since I can remember. Instead, I’m going to make some tiny goals that I can actually measure and will make me a healthy being- physically and mentally. I will only start on the next resolution once I’ve ingrained the previous in my daily life- one goal at a time, you know?

Here goes attempt number two (a day late):

1) I will drink at least 60 ounces of water a day.

2) I will do something productive when I’m stressed instead of self destructive (for example, eating an entire bag of chips alternating with mini Snickers).

3) I will laugh as often as the opportunity presents itself.

4) I will do the best I can at being a mom when I’m home and a teacher when I’m at work. I will hopefully keep my work at work and use time productively so when I’m home I can concentrate on my family.

5) I will eat whole foods as much as I possibly can and cook as many whole meals for my family that I can.

6) I will continue to read and educate myself.

7) I will meet each new opportunity without the fear of the unknown controlling my decision and each new challenge with my inner happiness in mind, not everyone else’s.

8) I will do my best to be as nice as I possibly can to everyone in my life- no matter how much they annoy me.

9) I will procrastinate less than I did yesterday- and I will start tomorrow.

10) I will finish my last project before I start a new one, after I’ve completed the 15 I have going right now.

I think that’s it! I like my new (completed) list of resolutions which will improve my health and wellbeing. This, to me, is more important than some lame cleaning schedule. (On a side note, all you women out there who do this: I commend you and and jealous of you, but I’m as inconsistent as they come. My house is full of dog hair and toys and a schedule will only add to the stress of what I can’t possibly get done in a day. I wish I was more consistent, but I’m not. Maybe after I master procrastination, I will attempt to fix my inconsistencies.) Anyway, I think my ten resolutions stay true to who I am, because after all, I do kind of like myself.

In true retrospect of a New Year, I want to make better choices, not change who I am and this is my revolution- to make resolutions that make sense. The above list includes ten things I can do daily, and easily measure.

Whether or not you made resolutions this year, whether or not you stick with them, remember that you make choices daily. If you make a daily goal that is attainable, it will eventually become habit and you will be able to add a new goal. Now, remind me of this in June when I’m too pregnant to care 🙂

Make a goal today!

Claire Pelletier

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